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Enabling sustainable last-mile delivery.

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All-inclusive monthly subscription.

Delivery E-Bikes

E-Bikes which make your last-mile delivery fast, affordable, and emission-free.

Rental Software

Track your fleet, report incidents in real-time, and manage repairs at the click of a button.

In-House Service

Deliver your goods on time, every time — thanks to trained mechanics who take care of your fleet.


You are covered. Every E-Bike comes with theft and accident insurance.

We designed our E-Bikes around your delivery needs

No matter what your cargo is, we have the right E-Bike to carry it. Choose between light and fast or strong and robust, load up, and drive. It's really that easy.

A bike for every purpose

Are you a business or a single courier? Choose between leasing a whole fleet or an individual E-Bike.


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Giving every company a competitive advantage

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