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CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery


Crafted and engineered in Germany, our latest model seamlessly merges two bikes into one and enables a whole new delivery experience.


Up to 150KM


20 kg max


25 km/h


60 kg max




200 kg


Single speed


Schwalbe Pick-Up

Go the extra mile

The 20FIFTY has been designed to keep you on the road as long as possible. With a 1000WH battery, this bike offers the freedom to travel up to 150 kilometres on a single charge.

When your battery runs low, our fast-charger ensures you're back on the road in no time.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery
CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

No matter what type of cargo you have...

The aluminum frame, in tandem with a robust steel fork, provides exceptional strength, accommodating a maximum system weight of 200 KG (including the driver). Whatever you're transporting, rest assured that this ride is well-equipped to handle the load.


Prepare for an elevated cycling experience.

Q4 2023

Certification and testing

Q1 2024

Limited edition for early birds

Q2 2024

Mass production

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Make it personal. Enhance your ride with the right add-ons.

Extra battery

Double the range of your vehicle with extra charge.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

156L Aluminium trailer

Transport all your essential with this agile trailer.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

345L Aluminium trailer

Ideal for business equipment and parcel services.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

500L Aluminium trailer

The professional transport trailer - contains 3 Euroboxes in a row.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

Heavy duty trailer

Need to transport big objects? 160kg and 1.06 m3 of maximum load will do the job! Discover more here.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

Front rack

Place an additional bag or box on this front rack: up to 15kg of load.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

Soft box

105 L volume and 87 L volume available.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

Thule Yepp Maxi

Safe and comfortable transportation for your little passenger.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery