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Why choose CYCLE?

At CYCLE, we are a community of innovators, craftsmen, and eco-conscious enthusiasts. Our passion lies in creating stylish, sustainable bikes that redefine urban mobility. Join us in shaping a greener tomorrow, one pedal at a time. Curious about the journey? Come along for the ride.

Innovative Spirit

We dream of seeing cities free of highly-polluting vehicles and endless lines of fuming traffic. That's why were creating local, and emission-free transport solutions .

Team Collaboration

We are committed to upholding the highest standards in product quality, service excellence, and rider safety, all while making customer satisfaction our foremost priority.

Sustainability Advocacy

We don't just look at our customers and the environment. We're committed to improving our employees' well-being by cultivating a respectful and supportive work environment.

Inclusive Culture

We love to innovate, adapt, and pursue bold ambitions. We empower our people to try new things, to make mistakes and learn from them.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

CYCLE culture

At CYCLE, we don't just embrace expectation management—we thrive on it! We believe that clear communication and transparent goal-setting are the cornerstones of a successful and forward-thinking workplace. Here's why we love it, and you should too:

Expectation management keeps us laser-focused on our goals and ensures that everyone is aligned with our collective vision. No more guesswork—just a clear path to success. In our commitment to inclusion, we provide equal opportunities for growth and development. Every team member is empowered to contribute their best, knowing that their unique strengths are valued.

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CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

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Can I apply for a mechanic position without any previous experience?

Certainly! Feel free to apply for the mechanic position even if you don't have prior experience. At CYCLE, we welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds. If you possess technical talent and have a genuine enthusiasm for bike mechanics, we're excited to review your application. Apply today and join our team!

Which application documents should I submit? Only resume or cover letter as well?

Feel free to submit a resume including your contact information. While a cover letter is appreciated as it allows us to delve further into your background and motivation, it's not mandatory from our end.

How does the trial for mechanics work?

The work trial typically spans 2-4 hours, varying based on the location. During this period, an experienced senior or lead mechanic will guide you, offering a firsthand experience of our daily operations. This presents an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions and acquaint yourself with our bikes. We recommend wearing work clothes to prevent any dirt on your personal items. Following the trial, our People Team will promptly communicate our decision.

I have to travel to another city for a work trial, how are the costs reimbursed?

Just buy a train ticket, take a picture of the receipt and send it, along with your bank details, to the People Team. They'll make sure the Finance team quickly reimburses you.

The job description mentions specific requirements that I do not fulfil. Can I still apply?

Absolutely! If there are specific requirements in the job description that you don't meet, such as a missing driver's license or language skills that need improvement, go ahead and apply. We'll address these in the initial screening interview and explore potential solutions. We'll determine together whether these factors are exclusion criteria for the position or if there's a way to work around them.


The position is advertised for a specific location. Can I work from another location?

The advertised position is tied to a specific location, and the possibility of working from another location depends on the nature of the role. Some positions allow for remote work, while others require on-site presence. If you're interested, go ahead and apply. In your cover letter, briefly mention your location preference for personalised consideration during the evaluation process.

Can I work 100% remotely?

We advocate for a balanced approach, blending remote work with office days. This allows us to build a cohesive team while respecting individual rhythms, family commitments, and lifestyles.

At which locations can I find CYCLE?

CYCLE's primary offices are presently situated in Berlin and Vienna, complemented by smaller hubs and offices spanning Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, and Poland.