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CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery


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Up to 90km


5 kg max


6 hrs


25 kg max


25 km/h


166 kg


Single speed


20’’ (fat tyres)

Keep on cruising

The RadRunner created a sensation as the first moped-style electric bike, skillfully designed to provide the riding experience of a utility, cargo, or traditional bike. Its extra-wide tires ensure a premium ride on any terrain.

With a throttle for effortless acceleration, you can reach speeds of up to 6 km/h, which is especially valuable when conquering uphill slopes.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery
CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

Customize it

This compact and robust ride is compatible with various racks, platforms, and boxes. Its impressive payload capacity even allows passengers to join your journey without compromising the comfortable riding experience provided by the powerful motor.

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Extra battery

Double the range of your vehicle with extra charge.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

156L Aluminium trailer

Transport all your essential with this agile trailer.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

345L Aluminium trailer

Ideal for business equipment and parcel services.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

500L Aluminium trailer

The professional transport trailer - contains 3 Euroboxes in a row.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

Heavy duty trailer

Need to transport big objects? 160kg and 1.06 m3 of maximum load will do the job! Discover more here.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

Front rack

Place an additional bag or box on this front rack: up to 15kg of load.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

Soft box

105 L volume and 87 L volume available.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery