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CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery


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Up to 90km

Max speed

25 km/h


5 kg max


130 kg


6 hrs


Shimano 7-speed

Rear Rack

25 kg max


Schwalbe Marathon Plus

An E-bike for daily users

This light and agile 7-speed E-Bike was initially designed for delivery couriers. However, thanks to its remarkable comfort and durability, it has found favor among a wide range of clients who appreciate its exceptionally low maintenance needs and upright riding experience.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery
CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

Make it work

With its sturdy frame, dependable hydraulic disc brakes, and puncture-resistant tires, the CYCLE One stands out as a dependable companion for your daily transportation needs. Enhance its utility by adding a spacious basket or box, and you'll have the perfect solution for all your practical requirements.

Its powerful battery guarantees a seamless experience, whether it's for your daily commute, long work hours, or leisurely spins.

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Extra battery

Double the range of your vehicle with extra charge.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

156L Aluminium trailer

Transport all your essential with this agile trailer.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

345L Aluminium trailer

Ideal for business equipment and parcel services.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

500L Aluminium trailer

The professional transport trailer - contains 3 Euroboxes in a row.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery

Soft box

105 L volume and 87 L volume available.

CYCLE - E-Bikes for delivery