Did you know that 50% of transport costs are incurred in the last-mile of delivery, making it the most expensive part of the route? At CYCLE, our mission is to combat exactly that. We offer a full-service e-mobility solution for both businesses and single couriers. Our goal? To make last-mile delivery sustainable, efficient and worry-free.
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Our mission is to enable efficient, affordable, and eco-friendly last-mile delivery.

Our values

Our daily work is driven by four core values, which influence every decision we make.

They are guiding principles for our vision to decarbonise transportation in cities and improve quality of life for us and future generations.



One day, we dream of seeing cities free of highly-polluting vehicles and endless lines of fuming traffic. That's why we're creating local, emission-free, and circular transport solutions that deliver value-added growth for us and our partners.

  • Every one of our bikes is maintained and refurbished to ensure long lifecycles
  • Once a bike becomes unusable, we properly dispose of or recycle it, contributing to a circular economy


We strive to ensure top product quality and service, as well as safety for our riders.

  • All our bikes are robust, high-performance, and comfortable to ride
  • Whether you're a single courier or a large company, your satisfaction is our top priority


At CYCLE, we don't just look at our customers and the environment. We're committed to improving our employees' well-being by cultivating a respectful and supportive work environment.


We love to innovate, adapt, and pursue bold ambitions. We empower our people to try new things, to make mistakes and learn from them, and to create new opportunities for themselves and for us.

We're a team of committed professionals on a mission to transform the world of last-mile delivery. We focus on a shared dream of an emission-free society, where every business and individual is empowered to deliver goods in a fast, sustainable, and efficient way.

Does this sound like something you'd be passionate about?

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